Dog Play

The girls are a playful as always. Really, no blood was shed.
It kind of looks like Latte ran up and smooched Java on the lips and ran away. Blech! Poor Java!

The following photos are actually from last July. Notice how much greener it was. Java has a nice wrestling move going.

Sometimes there are just too many photos to deal with and not enough time. But these were just too comical (at least to me) to leave hiding on my computer. So much can be communicated by a look in the eyes!

I recently bought the book “When Pigs Fly” by Jane Killion on training challenging dogs. Jane Killion also has a blog with more helpful training information.
I haven’t gotten past the first couple chapters of the book, but so far I’ve learned that what makes some breeds of dogs harder to train than others is what they were bred to do in the first place.
Java is a mix of service dog breeds – Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Malamute and so on. She is more aware of me, watching for clues of what I want her to do.
Latte is a mix of Corgi, Jack Russell, and maybe Beagle — breeds that were designed for more independent thinking. She is focused on how to get Latte what Latte wants and to hell with everyone else.
So the Brew Babes are two very different dogs to work with and teach. Neither style of thinking is right or wrong, good or bad. They simply have different motivation that I need to understand and learn to work with.
Do you think that’s possible?

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  1. They are good playmates! I used to raise Shelties..even within the breed there are distinct personalities. I found that just like kids, each dog has it’s own set of values and needs and little behavorial “quirks” that we either accept or at least learn to live with:)

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