Maery, Maery, Quite Contrary

Definite chill in the air since Friday. So how does my garden grow?

Well, the big thing to get done this weekend was to move my herbs inside in hopes of having fresh rosemary, oregano, and mint tea all year round.

With the help of Steve, I got my shelves and grow lights set up in the bathroom (the brightest room in my house). As you can see my plants all need a haircut to get them further from the grow lights.

I have no idea what I’m doing. From what I’ve read, herbs are pretty darn parsnickity — not too wet, not too dry, need 14 hours of sunlight (or artificial substitution), like some humidity, like some air circulation,  but they don’t necessarily all like the same thing. I’m coming up with a chart of preferences in hopes of keeping everyone happy.

I figure if they all die, it will be another learning experience. I’ve never tried drying or freezing herbs before either. This is my drying closet.

I’ve gotten my garden through two freezes but I’m afraid the prediction for a bigger, deeper freeze on Thursday and ongoing chillyness will force me to give it up and say a final goodbye to my 2011 garden.

The tomatoes looking like this still have time to turn ripity red.

And I’m pulling for a few of my on-the-small-side green peppers. Fingers-crossed that they will miraculously double in size. The little nubbin in the background doesn’t stand a chance though.
And some of my green tomatoes are questionable. The little hopeful buds about break my heart. If only you lived in Arizona! I’m so sorry!
But there is always next year. And boy do I have bigger and better plans! But for now, I’ll just leave you with this little Garden Song.

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  1. Oh I know! I feel so terrible when my little strawberry plant produces a beauty and I’m not there to pick it and enjoy it.

    Rosemary is the easiest herb – I’ve had one forever and I’m convinced it would live through a nuclear holocaust 😉

    Not sure about the others though – Wishing you success!

    ~Deanna (Tamala’s neighbor)

  2. Good luck with all that Maery! It is a valiant effort. I am so jealous of your empty closet rods that you are using for drying herbs…and herbs would not be my choice of hanging options:-) Get your dickies out today…it is chilly out there ~ but don’t put dickies on your tomatoes or peppers:-)

  3. I REALLY want to get some basil going this winter inside. Considering making some kind of terrarium for it to keep the cats away. They like to ~pet themselves~ on my plants, and it sort of puts a damper on them eating them.

  4. Looks like you had a great 2011garden. I like all your indoor herbs…have never tried that. Will be taking notes on what you do!

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