Vision and Verb: Creating a Life

I have a post on Vision and Verb today called “Creating a Life”. It’s about my “To Do” list and trying to make the choices that will keep moving me forward, not exactly towards completing goals, because I don’t like the way a goal sounds so final. I think life is too much of a work in process. Nothing is ever really “done”. But if I want to take a photo that looks like the ones I love in “National Geographic Traveler” magazine, and if I want to earn money writing, there are daily things I need to do. So yeah, my post is kind of about that.

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  1. Love the photo…here I sit and I need to throw the clothes in the washer, turn on the dishwasher, finish the dustin’ I began before I thought I’d take a minute (two hours now) and see what’s happin’ in Blogland! I sure know better by now. Heeehehehe!

    I’m gonna take another ‘minute’ and jump ovr to Vision and Verb to read your Creating a Life. :o)

    God bless ya sweetie and have a wonderful day!!! :o)

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