Garden Update and Car Show

There were minor adjustments to the garden this morning when Latte was terrorizing my pepper plants. I should have bought Habanero — that would have cured her. Instead I gated the deck.

Latte also jumped into my pot where cucumbers are planted so I put tomato cages to block her jumps.

Did I mention that gardening should be considered an extreme sport? I haven’t had so many muscles in my body be this sore for a long time. There is a class at the Yoga studio nearby called “Yoga for Gardeners”. I’m thinking it might be a good class to join.

Besides gardening this weekend, I also went to the  Anoka Classic Car Show. The show occurs almost every Saturday evening all summer long.

People show up with their classic cars, park in one of the designated areas, play music, hang out and tell their car restoration stories to anyone who will listen. It’s a pretty popular event.

This was my favorite car. Doesn’t it look like it’s smiling at you?

You get into it from the front opening.

I was also drawn to cars that looked fast and fun.

And the trucks.

I liked this one too.

And I thought the paint job on this one was interesting.

The dogs were good in the crowd. Java enjoyed being petted by children — Latte, not so much.

Latte is terrified of children. She’s okay walking past them on our walks but if they approach her, she will back away from them. If they continue to approach her, she’ll bark or growl. I’m glad that most kids have learned to ask if they can pet your dog before they approach you.

In my yard, adults or people past a certain growth cutoff (maybe 4 feet?) can be outside and Latte runs to them, happy as can be. A child in the yard means running a safe distance away and barking. It’s kind of weird.

She seems like such a brave dog most of the time but she is also afraid of lawn mowers (she somehow managed to skid under the fence to get away from the mower noise last week). Children on skate boards at the park made her levitate in her rush to get as far away from that whole scene as possible. She didn’t calm down until we were a block away. For some reasons, Harley motors do not seem to faze her.

Java was very fearful until she was about 18 months old but her fear reaction was to drop and roll onto her back, which was a little easier to deal with.

Still I’m encouraged that both dogs walked through the crowds without barking or lunging at people or other dogs (or jumping on cars, which could have turned ugly). They were pretty well behaved all in all.

Yesterday it hit about 95 with lots of humidity happening. There was some serious tongue hanging going on.

For a cooler image, I saw these guys fishing by the dam. Such a contrast between the water above the dam and below. Just wait until I get a pond put in. It’s going to look and sound something like that — only an itty bitty littler and quieter and a boat won’t fit in it, except maybe a plastic bathtub boat with little  Lego people in it that Latte can seek out and destroy.

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