Please Let This House Close Without a Hitch

I apologize. I haven’t been Facebooking, Twittering, blogging, reading blogs, and I think I have a glut of two weeks of unopened e-mails.

I’ve been in house hunting hell. And when I’m not in house hunting hell, I’m off in nature trying to pull my head back together.

First, let me tell you about some of the houses I’ve seen. There was the remodeled 1950’s house that added a second story with three bedrooms. They added a full furnace and air conditioning system on that floor. The rest of the house is on the original furnace and has no air conditioning. I can sort of see the logic in that since it’s the upstairs that gets hot, but when I go to resell the house in 10-15 years, will another buyer be as understanding?

Plus this house has what we who saw it lovingly referred to as the hobbit bathroom because anyone over 5’7″ could barely stand without hitting the ceiling. The basement bar was done in whitish, fake weathered, barn-like wood. The bathroom door was made to look like an outhouse, complete with a sign that said “Toilet”. Gave me a good laugh, but resale value? Not to mention there were no windows down there and all the wiring and plumbing looked like something my Dad and Uncle would concoct over a few beers. I’m used to that sort of “unique” workmanship, but it would send most people running.

Ah, that called for a relaxing sit by the edge of the Elk River watching Java play.

Can you see me now?

How about now?

 Java really got into rolling in the grass and sliding on her back down the hill. Whee!

No matter where we go, there are always sticks to conquer.

Then there was the empty house that was broken into and they took the kitchen sink, dining room light fixture, most of the kitchen cabinet and drawer knobs (they weren’t even cute), and the interior door knobs.

That called for a walk with Java by the Rum River.

Then there was the foreclosed house with floors so dirty I quickly put my shoes back on. It also had burn holes and candle wax on the carpeting. And the smell of cigarette smoke stayed with me for several hours after we left.

That called for a trail ride with Luke on the Rum River. Unfortunately, I forgot my fly spray in the barn and we were almost eaten alive by mosquitos.

There were people fishing in the river. I didn’t see them catching anything but it looked like they were staying cool.

I tell you what, I am kind of a scary person to be around right now.

Oh, come on Maery… why do you say that?

Okay, there was the incident where I put the kitchen drain filter back in place to keep stuff from going down the pipes. I had removed it for the house inspection. I was rinsing dishes when the water started backing up.

“Oh! No! The sink is clogged! What did they do during inspection! Was it like this during inspection! Oh! No!” Maery said in utter panic and dismay.

Then I realized I had put in the drain stopper instead of the filter. “Ooops, never mind” she says sheepishly.

Plus there was the morning the day before the inspection when I turned on the water and screamed “No water! The well has gone dry! The pump is broken! The sky is falling!”

Turned out to be the circuit breaker for the pump was tripped and the pump wasn’t running. Flip switch to ON and presto, running water.

Those incidents, plus a number of wrong turns while driving and lost items such as keys, billfold, computer backup drive and files, called for planting a few tomato and pepper plants and flowers.

With the move, I wasn’t going to plant anything but the tubs are portable and will give me a summer’s worth of pleasure, so why not?

Here’s hoping that all this chaos is over by the end of July and things are back to normal.

Well, the new normal, whatever that may be.

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  1. I vote no deal on the houses you described…Thank God for Java and the horses. Keep plugging…there has to be something waiting for you out there. Thanks for tuning us in.

  2. Hang in the Maery..something you like will come is a buyers market out there. It looks like Java was having a great time during your escapes from stress! 🙂

  3. Those houses sound like disasters! House hunting sounds so stressful! We bought our place from my OH’s step dad, so we didn’t have to go through all of that. I am sure the right house will come along!!
    Sounds like you had a great time with Java and Luke!

  4. What would we do without our dogs, horses and flowers. They always have a way to cheer us up. I think you are doing a great job with all of the stress. Run away from the bad wiring and the outhouse door. I am sure you will find something with less maintenance. Of course….I actually live in a barn….so I really should not give you advice.

  5. Looking forward to the post where you give us a tour of the new digs! Always love Java’s antics. She has fun wherever you go– good example.

  6. I feel for you… but you managed to present it in a funny way. The horror and then the antidote. Oh my, you had a me giggling.

    I hope that you walk into the perfect house very soon so that the yo-yoing can stop, for your sake!

    I agree – thank goodness for your wonderful animals!

  7. To all: Yes, there is a better house. It has some issues that need to be addressed by inspection so not a for sure deal but hopefully, it will come out okay because I love the trees. I am such a sap for trees. Get it?

    And yes, Java and Luke keep me sane.

    Far Side – One would think it’s a buyer’s market but a lot of the great houses sold in April when government money deal ended. There are more foreclosures and short sales out there than standard sales. The houses I love when I drive by and look are just not for sale. Smart people.

    Jill – But it’s such a cute barn!

    Sue – Dogs in general are a good example. Dogs like Java remind us to live in the moment and be generous with our love.

    KB – I am so missing you! I need to catch up on what’s happening in the mountains.

    Anna – Me thinks you may speak from experience and have written something humorous on the topic.

  8. Missed a couple…

    Lori – I’m hoping my hunt is over. Very nervous about the inspection but hoping for the best.

    Jan – Are you thinking I haven’t been drinking?

    Paint Girl – I think house hunting is a lot worse now than it ever used to be. There is so much uncertainty and the houses for sale all seem to have so many issues, at least in my price range. You just have to pick what’s most important. For me, it’s mature, healthy trees and wood floors. You’d think I was a woodchuck or something.

  9. i admire you greatly. you’re doing so much, keeping a good head about you, and doing it virtually alone. you and those animals take care of each other, i think.

    good luck finding a new home.

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