A Surprise Path

For those of you worried about Latte’s juvenile record, I believe she gets a couple more chances before there is a formal complaint about her outspokenness. We’ve had quite a few heart-to-heart talks over the weekend. Poor Latte is exhausted from trying so hard to be good while Java is exhausted from trying to be shoulder to lean on.

I wasn’t going to blog today. I was going to do some laundry and house cleaning after picking up a book at the library and walking the Brew Babes, but I am so excited about a new trail that I found that I can’t wait until tomorrow to write about it!

The trail was so exciting to me because the find was so unexpected. There’s a path that I always pass by because it just goes across a hay field that is bordered by trees. But today I decided to see where the path went.

I think it was the crows. They appeared to be pointing at the trail and saying, “Go child. Seek and you shall find.” Or something like that.

Much of the trail wasn’t visible because it was on the other side of a hill, so there was the adventure of the unknown. But as I crested the hill, what I saw was more field. The whole field thing was so uninteresting I wasn’t even bothering to take any photos of it.

But off to the right there were paths, really green woodsy lovely paths. As a writer, I should come up with more poetic words than that… Running a bit out of gas.

As we followed the path, it went down to the river or actually kind of a pondish area that wound away from the river and back again.

(There were a few tangling issues while I took photos.)
The water threw off reflections of a tree that looked as clear as the real world tree.
I don’t know how else to say it – lush, gorgeous, breathtaking.

What was so cool is how the boring look of the path had so completely hid how truly interesting and beautiful that area is. People can be like that too — appear boring, not worth exploring and then kabam! You find out that underneath that disguise lies something worth taking note of.

There’s been occasional talk about selling this stretch of land off for development — a way for the city to make money and create tax revenue. I pray that never happens because it’s tough to find a place like this to walk where I live — a place that’s just dirt foot and bike paths, where you feel like you are up north in the deep woods.

It’s a wonderful get away. I can’t wait to keep exploring and seeing what else I can find and watching the plants change through the upcoming seasons.

As the girls and I headed back across the field to my car, which was parked at the library, I ran into a man and his dog. The dog looked like a coon hound and was named something like Jed. The man mentioned how many woodticks he’s been finding lately.

I answered, “Yep, one of the hazards of walking in the woods and the tall grass, but so worth it!”

He answer, “Yup, it’s just great to get outside. Enjoy your walk!”

Yes, another stimulating moment of conversation shared by two dog walkers. Seriously, I love running into dog/nature people.

But about those woodticks, since I’ve been home, I’ve pulled two off Latte, found one on the floor, and one on my head.

Eh, still worth it.

Two days of sunshine! Hallelujah! Dare we hope for three?

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  1. Gotta love those crows…pointing you to the hidden treasure:-) That does indeed look gorgeous and so unexpected, as you say. There isn’t anything quite as primal as the feeling you get surrounded by nature. It’s almost frightening, yet it is so calming. I hope it never goes away, however old I get, I hope that magic continues to happen when I step into a wooded ‘room.’ Great shots!

  2. That is one of my absolute favorite feelings in the world– finding a new little trail, usually one worn in by kids/locals, and discovering where it goes. They are almost never long enough, or cool enough, but always worth following!

  3. Beautiful shots and what a treasure you’ve found! I bet you enjoy this trail many times over. My dogs and I walk over my lunch hour quite often and it’s rejuvinating to be outside in the fresh air, surrounded by trees. I agree with you about appearances…you just never know until you take the time to look within. We too, are finally experiencing some sunshine!! Wonderful!!!

  4. What a fabulous surprise. And you’re right people do tend to be just like those paths. It’s like a box of chocolates. We’re all the same on the outside and on the inside, a surprisingly variety of unique flavors. The fun part is trying them all out. 🙂

    Bummer about the ticks, though. Be careful about Lymes Disease.


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