Luxury and Garbage

Aaahhh. I got my hair trimmed this evening. I got the hot towel around my neck treatment and a scalp massage. Aaaahhh.

I learned how to tease my hair to add lift along my part. And had my hair coated with scented oil.

It was a good lift my spirits and melting muscles moment and the stylist sold me the magic teasing comb and oil. Who’d a thunk there was a special new phenagled kind of comb/brush for teasing hair? Who knew people still teased their hair?


But now, for more serious matters. In the quest to have happy worms, I bought a book on how to set up and maintain a worm composting system. The author, Mary Appelhof is the queen of worm composting. The book even has a chapter on the worms’ sex life. Very titillating stuff.

Notice how the worms on the cover look very much like my worms. I think perhaps my worms were models before they came to work for me.

Just trying to do my part for the environment… and have a little fun too.

Why do they do it?
Is it so hard
To find a trash can?
Or to carry it home?
Even puppies
Try not to dirty
Their crates
So why do people
Dirty their home
This planet
It’s the only one
We have

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  1. Welcome to big hair Maery. Can’t wait to see your new teased tresses you hussy. 😉 So true– not only is this planet the only one we have, but all the water on it is the same water that’s been here since day one. We just keep refiltering it, and now we’re kind of wrecking the filter.

  2. Worm porn written by a veritable trollop:-) I use that same oil, but don’t use my hair as any result evidence…you know what I have to work with:-( It drives me nuts when I see smokers drop their butts as if that is not a contributing factor in littering. I agree, it is mind numbing that people continue to do this! Anxious to see your new ‘do’.

  3. ‘ Just goes to show ya…what goes around always comes around. Oh how I remember teasin’ those big fat hairdos of the late sixties!!!

    It’s great to get pampered every now and again, I’m so glad you got to relax.

    So true about people and their trash. A dirt road runs in front of our house and I find beer cans and bags of McDonald’s trash in my yard. Guess it’s just easier for me to pick up! Love the poem.

    Girl your pictures are always great but that last one is spectacular!!!

    Have a blessed day sweeite :o)

  4. Lori – Just a trim. No excitement factor.

    Sue – I was totally unaware that 80’s hair was back in. But I tried teasing this morning and I’m not any better at it than I was in the 80’s.

    Kathleen – The oil sure made my frizzy, dry hair feel soft. Unfortunately softness appears to also mean limpness.

    Nezzy – That last photo was taken on a hike last year to a place up north that I’d like to return to.

  5. That last photo is beautiful. I want to go there.

    I’m glad to hear you’re treating yourself well. Moroccan Oil, eh? As opposed to say Alaskan Oil? Or maybe Whale Oil?

    That just screams out for a poem to be created. lol!


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