Down With Grit

Well, the weather was not so bad today but housecleaning called.

My friends have this thing about food textures that bug them; I can’t comprehend this. But I’m that way about my house. Grit crunching underfoot is like biting into tinfoil with fillings! And the Java hair floats everywhere! It lands in sinks! On tables! The computer keyboard! No matter how much I brush her or how much I vacuum, the hair is everywhere! Aaagh!!! (Picture woman with hands over face screaming,)

Java watched as I vacuumed and washed the floors.

Looked pretty boring to her.

Are you done yet?


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  1. oh i know the feeling–the salt and sand the boys track in gets all over the floors. and their hair–oh, their hair. and then there’s the dust….

  2. Java looks really bored..I hate the grit that comes with the spring it is just puddles of melting snow on the floor. Ah yes the dog hair..we have that too and Chance gets brushed almost everyday:)

  3. It should be illegal to be as cute as Java…really, she is irresistable! Those expressions are sooo dramatic, she should be an actress:-) Even though Hannah is short-haired, she leaves a trail as well. The worst is stepping in drool ~ getting slimed is not a good sensation for a texture freak:-) I’m so happy you have Java in your house; I feel better just knowing that. Kathleen

  4. We too are coated with hair. I’m tempted to have them all shrink wrapped. With air and… bodily function openings, of course!

  5. Hi Maery! Kathleen introduced me to your blog. You have such a neat “voice.” I have been enjoying catching up on your posts, and I love your pictures of Java! I have my Quincy and I can see that you and Java share a special bond, too. If you are interested, I would love to have you join my Photo Club (Sandhill Photography Club based in Elk River). We are a small group of all skill levels. We all just like photography and want to keep learning more. We are also doing a Photo Theme Project on Facebook where we have a “theme” each week. Your photos would be more than welcome! Kathleen speaks so fondly of you. I’m glad she has “introduced” me to you! 🙂

  6. Awesome photos Maery…and YES, the grit is everywhere. Little crunchy stones that come in with your shoes even though I leave the darn things in the porch. I have vacummed the upstairs more than any other year.

  7. Kathleen – Yes, it is comforting to have Java around.

    Breathe – Ohh! I really like the shrink wrap idea!

    Zoma – Yes, I’ve heard about you too from Kathleen and checked out your blog. I couldn’t seem to sign up to follow though. Some Google error thing. The photo club sounds great. I’ll check out the Facebook page and hopefully, we’ll meet in person soon.

    Sue – Yeah, I didn’t even get into the cat hair issue.

    Lynn – My furnace installers, bless them, vacuumed up after themselves but area coming in from garage is a daily challenge.

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