Java’s Pool

Poor Java. She’s gone from this.

To this.

She tried to make do with some rollicking splashing.

And tried flattening herself to get her whole body in the pool.

Wow, man. Bummer.

Back to splashing.

It was in the 90’s today with about the same reading on humidity scale. Technically known as “can’t breathe” weather. I’m looking at the current temperature online and it says 89 F with a real feel of 105 F. Yuck!

Thus the pool. Which we both used to cool off in.

Nice foot stool.

Also put up a bird feeder with some peanut butter suet that Java was very interested in.

All that activity was followed by some quiet contemplation where Java is imagining her fence and being chainless.

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  1. I know what you mean about being pool-less. We no longer have one either ($18,000 or more to redo it and we just couldn’t). This weather is no walk in the park without it. Glad to see the Java is happy to get right in it. How are you doing with the fence project?

  2. Lori – I found two of the lot markers and use them to measure off where I think the rest of the lot is. Someone came out on Friday and took measurements and I’m waiting for an estimate. I’m also having them quote fixing the cute little shed at the back of my property. Some of it is pretty wet and rotted but they thought it was salvageable with a new floor and shingles.

    p.s. It’s kind of amazing how just putting your feet into some cold water on a hot day makes you feel better.

  3. Java has fun where ever she is! You will have to take her to the lake! Chance has the same kind of kiddie pool..he spends time in there when it is hot. Your yard looks nice, the grass looks healthy! 🙂

  4. Far Side – I’m not sure how much fun Java had but she had me laughing until my stomach hurt with her antics. I really didn’t think she’d be so taken with the little kiddy pool but she wore herself out playing around in it.

  5. She’s a good example for us all. she’s having fun “anyway.” Dogs/animals are great for that. They’re always in the now, which ain’t so bad when your not comparing it to the “then” or the future.

  6. That is SO funny…I so miss having a dog to goof around with. Hey, I thought there was a shed back there…very cute.
    JAVA just needs a slightly bigger kiddie pool…but she looks like she’s having fun regardless.
    Looks like a great back yard!

  7. Sue – I try not to think about whether I’m happy, sad, or disappointed. I’m just living and doing whatever needs to be done and trying to slip in a hunk of enjoyment every once in awhile. That’s my version of living in the now.

    Lynn – You can’t see the shed in any of the photos. All the buildings in the background belong to neighbors. I’m hoping to add some more rock and a pool that will hopefully include some plants and stuff around it. Something that looks nice but Java can still play in it.

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