So Tired…

“Ye, ye, yeah.”

I’ve been in eight hour meetings for the past two days with fellow employees from France and Belgium and they say a lot of that. Plus “No, no, no.” One yes or no is not enough.

Really, I’m not making fun of them. How could I? Considering they each speak about five different languages and I can barely speak English. I just love listening for unique language patterns when I’m with people from another country.

Who knows what they notice about us Minnesotans. They did get a bit feisty about one of us using the term “foreign” language when we were discussing translations, and I think they were mocking the way we pronounce “foreign”.

Anyway, three more days of all day meetings to go where we discuss the “gaps” between our way of placing orders and shipping them versus their way. It gets very complicated with the tariffs, taxes, country import/export regulations, and so on. I was googling a lot, not wanting to look stupid, when they used terms like “bonded warehouse” and “proforma” and “TRC”, to name a few.

After our lunch break today, we stopped at a unique little gift shop to study their stocking methods. We were going to buy something and then return it and ask to see how their system handles a credit but we ran out of time.

I think I might have to go back to the gift shop because they had a really great book called “Insults and Comebacks for all Occasions”. There were some really good ones in there that I think I could put to use right away. Or the Bitch Magnetic Poetry Kit; a box of words that will be heard, dammit. The description on the box said that “you will find the words you need in this collection..  words that are strong, strident and snarky”.

So are you sensing a theme to my mood?

Hey, I’m just kidding. I’m happy as a lark. I was even happier after a visit with my massage therapist today. It’s my new monthly splurge, although it feels more like a medical necessity. I think I wore the poor girl out. She was actually breathing hard as she used the wall to get leverage against my knotted muscles. She says my shoulder and neck muscles are just a teensy bit tight – kind of like massaging a rock.

Massage sessions make me dizzy and tired. I felt like I’d just drank half a bottle of wine and just wanted to crash. But it was raining, so rather than going home and lounging, I had to fill water buckets and feed dishes and I bring the horses inside. Don’t they look lovely?

“Stop with the flash already!”

I actually spent over an hour last weekend running over their fur with a shedder. Murphy is in full shed mode so I took a lot of hair and other things off him, as he was laying in the manure pile when I went to get him. I guess it was a nice, warm place to lay down for a spell. Luke is not losing much hair yet. He’ll start up later.

Anyway, I’ve just been working a lot, not sleeping very well, and I’m beat.

I’m going to bed early and hoping to wake up a little more refreshed.

Guten Nacht!

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  1. Those are a series of amazing photos. Each one better than the last but I still can’t choose which is my fave.

  2. Howdy
    I was out riding the range and wondered in for a spell .
    Your blog Title had me hook ,line and sinker 🙂
    I had to find out more 🙂
    Your photos are awe inspiring !
    Looking forward to visiting again and again .
    Thank you for sharing .
    Happy Trails

  3. Beautiful early morning photos! I hope the massage does a world of good for you and you get your shoulder mojo back soon.
    Hey, massage does weird emotional stuff to me…it’s odd…I even once started to cry…I felt great later, but the massage therapist kept saying, ‘I’m so sorry.’
    ; )-Lynn

  4. What wonderful morning pictures. You are really sounding good girl. Stand back….are ya there yet??? I’m doin’ a little happy dance here for you.

    Take care and have a marvelous day, sweetie!!!

  5. I think maybe I should get some massage some day. In 43 years I’ve yet to have a massage. I think I’m missing out. It sounds better than drinking or muscle relaxer drugs. lol!
    The meetings sound mentally exhausting but also interesting, too.
    Nice to see your ponies, even if they look like wet puppies. hehe!

    That last photo…woweee!


  6. KB – Thanks. No mountain lion or bear excitement to photograph in these parts, just soggy horses and sunsets.

    Terry – Thanks for stopping by. I love the photo in your blog header!

    Lynn – Thanks for meeting me for coffee and music this evening and listening to my hopefully humorous rantings.

    Nezzy – I do want a video of that happy dance!

    Roxanne – Are you saying I’ve got some magical rosy glasses on? Which reminds me, I need a lavender top for a choir performance. I don’t do lavender. Don’t they know that?! Sorry, these things just jump out of my head sometimes…

    Lisa – You should definitely try a massage. But some massage therapists are better than others so it helps if you know someone who can make a recommendation.

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