A Warming Trend

It reached the low 70s today.
Cloudy and muggy but an event just the same.

The warm, humid weather has brought out the gnats already.

As I rush around after work each day, it seems like there is too much to do and not nearly enough time. I’m sure no one out there can relate to this feeling.

It would be so nice to work part time… just for a year… if only…

With so much spinning in my head, I needed some quiet walk time. Time to listen to frogs and birds and look in the woods for interesting angles

And textures


And fuzz

Java was her usual blurry bundle of buzzing busyness.

While I found some peace to take back home with me.

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  1. I especially love the photo above the words “and textures.” Great clarity and a fabulous composition! We are heading toward 80 on Saturday…I’m sure it won’t last! Have you had any luck house hunting? Hope all is well, you sound great.

  2. Aw, Java is always on the move! It’s like me tryin’ to get clear pics of baby Ian…he’s always on the move too!

    I too love the texture picture. It’s great to find the beauty in things others pass by.

    God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday, sweetie!!!

  3. I like the angles picture. I’ve been thinking a lot about working part-time lately, though I’d have to give up my benefits and they’d probably still make me work full-time anyway — just not pay me for the extra hours. That’s what my company used to do, which is why I switched to full-time, and now I’m working 60 to 80 hours a week without pay for the overtime. As soon as I wake up, I’m sitting at my desk in my office, and I’m there until I go to bed. So, if you are getting time for a walk in the woods, you are doing better than me. If I so much as go to my mailbox outside, my boss senses that I’m not at my desk and he calls me. Some days I feel like a dog chained to a dog house.

  4. Lori – Today it was in the upper 70s but it’s going to cool off just in time for the weekend. I haven’t had anyone looking at my house so I haven’t been looking for myself. Plus it’s that busy time of year – time to get ready for trail riding!

    Nezzy – I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

    Nuzzling Muzzles – Yes, health insurance and other benefits of full time are difficult to say goodbye to. I hope you can find a way to not have to work so many hours. I was working 10 and sometimes 12 hour days. I just stopped. Didn’t ask anyone but I just stop after 8 hours. If someone has something pressing, I’ll put in extra but even then, not like I used to. It’s not worth it. My work and my attitude is whole lot better if I’m not half dead.

  5. Spending time in nature always centers me! Isn’t it great? Yes, the gnats were out last weekend when we had sunny warm weather, too! Now my horse is back in his blanket because of the cold winds and hail we’ve been having. Spring was here…now it’s taken a mini-vacation!
    Wonderful pictures!! I hope you are doing well!!

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