Staying on My Feet

I was trying to get the kitchen painted this morning, but Java was not cooperating. Her whining was getting on my nerves so I finished taping around the woodwork in the kitchen and decided to take a walk break (hopefully wear Java out) before I started in on the painting.

As I drove farther into the Rum River park, I discovered that the road I normally take wasn’t exactly plowed and the snow and water had frozen into some nasty ruts and ice. Not such a big deal if you are in a truck, but I was a little worried that I was going to get stuck in my Mini Cooper.

Mini Cooper

My Mini (photo obviously taken in greener, warmer times)

Mini Cooper

Java has her own little sweet pad in the back

It was a rough ride but, thanks to all those hard-earned, winter driving skills, we made it. The next challenge was taking a walk without falling on my butt. There wasn’t enough snow left for snowshoeing, but I sure could have used the grip of the teeth that are on the bottom of my snowshoes.

Icy PathDogs have to be on a leash in the park and I was worried Java was going to yank me off my feet, but she was a very good girl. When I had to carefully maneuver over an icy patch, I told Java to “heel” and she waited and walked by my side.

Rum River

Rum River with lots of snowmobile tracks

Java and I heard a hawk and a very, very loud owl, but we didn’t see them. I wish I would have had a recorder with me to capture all the birds sounds.

Java Listening

Java listening to the owl

 After our walk, I had to finesse the Mini back out of the park and head home to paint the kitchen.

Painting above the kitchen cupboards presented another bodily preservation challenge — not falling off the ladder.

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  1. man i love minicoopers.

    you can buy ice-grips for the bottom of your boots; you probably know that. i got Yax Trax (or yaks trax?) and they worked great but they also broke, so i think i should have gotten the heavy-duty ones. they’re not very expensive; less than $20.

    your pup is adorable.

  2. Laurie – A friend at work told me about Yaks but I’m not sure where you find them. I suppose I could find them on line. And I do love my Mini even though my husband makes fun of it.

    Lynn – No falling and yes, made it home just fine where I quickly changed all my clocks.

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