Tough Descendent of Vikings and Brian Boru

I must be insane! It was bad enough that I was planning on going skijoring tomorrow at 10 AM when it should be about 5 degrees above zero, and the sun was supposed to be shining. But now I’m planning on going at 8 AM when it will be 4 below and overcast!

The only reason I’m attempting this is because a local skijoring club is gathering at a nearby park at that time and they are willing to help newbies practice passing other dogs. They are going to do this on foot, at least initially, to avoid serious injury from the likes of Java, who likes to leap wildly at anything that moves. But there will also be ski time and some help with that too.

They seem like a really nice, helpful group of people, albeit a little insane to be out at 8 AM when it’s supposed to be so dang cold!

So much for sleeping in…

The moon against the clouds looked really cool tonight. The top photo, I sharpened it to the extreme. The photo below is how it actually looked. Fun to play with Photoshop effects!

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  1. Maery Rose…these photos are terrific…yes, photoshop is great fun. I hope you will have on many layers tomorrow and Java has some booties. Can’t wait to here how it all worked. Enjoy!

  2. Wow, that sharpening tool really works. I tried it the other day and it appeared to do NOTHIHG… so I sighed and moved on. I’ll have to try again.

    Beautiful photos!!!

    Have fun with the skijoring. You must be doing it now. I bet that you’ll learn a ton – much more than in a million trial and error outings!

    Tell us all about it!

  3. That’s some howlin’ pic ya’ll captured of the wolf~moon! Ours was behind the blizzard and the snow clouds.

    You have a blast and a half skijoring!

    May God fill you day with great blessings!!!

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