Maery Rose

Thanks for all your kind comments and thanks also to the people who have privately e-mailed me. I love how you see the positive things in me, and the reminders that I’m not alone in this.

Java keeps trying to comfort me. She keeps pawing at me, laying her head in my lap, licking my hand, and she has a very worried look in her eyes.

And so even though tomorrow I should clean the house, do some laundry and dishes, clean stalls and the paddock, empty plant containers, do general winterizing, and buy some things to build a sloped roof for Java’s kennel, instead, Java and I are going on a road trip.

We’re going in search of beauty before the sudden cold puts an end to the flaming rainbow colors of fall. We’re going to look for rivers and waterfalls and possibly we’ll find some snow and freeze our butts off. Well, at least I might as Java seems impervious to cold. She even went for a swim in the pool today. Brrrr!

Both Java and I need a break. We need some eye candy. We need some exercise and fresh air.

You know the name change to Maery Rose doesn’t have anything to do with flowers or that it sounds very Irish to me. It was an idea born of a conversation with my son when he reminded me that I often get knocked down but I always get back up again.

Maery Rose is to keep reminding me of that, even when it feels impossible.

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