Bird Feeder Mystery

When I let Java out last night, I saw something big jump off our bird feeder. I was thinking that either it was the biggest squirrel I’d ever seen or it wasn’t a squirrel. I ran up the steps to the deck with H’s super-duper bright flashlight and found a raccoon on the deck.

This explains what has happened to our birdfeeder. I had been thinking that we had some really strong squirrels. But no, that wasn’t it.

Chewed up bird feeder

What a mess!

Bird seed mess

So now the birdfeeder is shot and I just bought a bunch of birdseed. I like having the birdfeeder on the deck because you can see the birds really well through our windows. And we’ve had some really beautiful yellow finches, bluebirds, cardinals, and what I think is a rose-breasted grosbeak. 

I’m not sure what to do with the birdseed now. There aren’t a whole lot of choices of where to put a birdfeeder and still have it visible from the window. Another life challenge…

I didn’t get to the kayak demo I was planning on going to today. I looked up how far away the lake was and it’s 40 miles away or 80 miles round trip. I had so many other things I needed to get done so I decided maybe I’d go next time. They have another kayak demo on June 6th.

Instead, I took Luke trail riding again. I had a hard time getting him to go far enough forward to close the divider in the trailer. Once again, he didn’t ride very well on the way to the park and ended up with a couple scrapes, one on his hip and another down by his right front hoof. Nothing serious but I had to clean the scrapes up and put some salve on them when I got home to keep the flies away. I may need to put wraps on his lower legs next time to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

There were a couple other horse trailers at the park but I didn’t see the riders at all. It’s not a very big park, so that’s kind of surprising.

I did manage to take a few photos while riding. Luke was very well behaved.

I’d like to try going to a bigger park but I’m going to have to look up the rules. Some parks require that you have a trail pass that you keep on your saddle, plus a sticker to park your trailer.

After I got home and put Luke back out with Murphy, I moved some of the outdoor furniture out of the barn and washed it off. After all that hard work, I had to sit on the furniture and cool off with a beer. I really like Goose Island Nut Brown Ale.

Goose Island beer

Java kept herself busy by running in and out of the pool. 

Java in pool

The water gets her revved up and she had to run through the long grass to work off some energy. Kind of helps her dry off a little too.

Java in tall grass
Java in our woods
It was another beautiful day weather-wise. And should be decent tomorrow too, which should mean more trail riding. Gosh, I love summertime!

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  1. I am so glad you are getting out on the trail! I am hoping to do so soon. Dusty is getting his back shoes on Monday! I am not a fan of racoons. They can be mean. Don’t like it when they get the animals. Have a great weekend.

  2. Bad raccoons! We have squirrels and chipmunks on our bird feeders all the time. We have raccoons, but they don’t bother the bird feeders, thank goodness!
    Sounds like you are having a great time going trail riding!
    Oh, and that beer, my OH would love that one! I stick to the light beers, but the OH loves trying all kinds!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  3. Sounds like a full day! Watch out for that raccoon – they can give dogs lepto – but Java’s probably vaccinated for it. One of my dogs got lepto years ago and it’s a nasty disease.

    Jave looks like she’s having a blast in those photos! Could you send some of that good weather my way?

  4. Yes, the trail riding has been wonderful! So peaceful and healing. It helps build my confidence too, and the confidence of my horses.

    I’m hoping the raccoon won’t come back. They kind of creep me out.

    KB – I’ve never heard of lepto. I looked it up and it sounds like there’s some controversy over the vaccination. Java’s been vaccinated for rabies and lyme disease.

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