Holy Squeakorama!

No matter how cute it is, DO NOT buy your dog a squeaky toy! I know you think your little buddy will have so much fun with it, and it will be so entertaining to watch them figure out that the toy squeaks and see their reaction and everything. And it is adorable — for about 15 minutes.

Then, it quickly becomes annoying because once the dog has figured the squeak out, they are so proud of their new found skill that they just won’t stop! Java has the whole squeaking thing completely mastered to where she can rapid fire the squeaks with mini-mouth movements.

I’m just telling you — step away from the squeaky toy isle. And all you jokesters out there, don’t go buying these toys for your “friends” dogs either. 

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  1. You wouldn’t! Did you catch Java’s ear’s up in the air in the first photo. It’s her attempt to look like a German Shepherd. She kind of has to run and catch the air just right.

  2. Ha….I bet you *hate* me, by the way, as I used to make and sell homemade squeaky toys….we bought a $400 room air conditioner for Mack with the proceeds…not only do I offer them to my 3 crazies, and give them to friends’ dogs as gifts, but I make them and sell them for profit to other unsuspecting folk. >;) <—-that’s my evil mastermind grin for you there. 🙂

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