Manicure for Dogs

It’s time to clip Java’s nails. I truly hate this part of dog ownership. I could take Java to a groomer but nail clipping is something I think I should be able to do myself. I just don’t want to nick a vein and hurt her and make it even harder to clip her nails ever again. 


These are my grooming weapons – brush for her hair, nail clippers, septic powder in case I do nick a vein, nail file to smooth edges, toothbrush and toothpaste, and my most recent tool – PediPaws™, the incredible pet nail trimmer! My hope is that PediPaws will eliminate the need for the nail clippers, septic powder, and nail file. 


The instructions do say that “Most pets will have to be acclimated to PediPaws and some pets will take longer to be comfortable.” This is Java’s face when I turned on the PediPaws. 


Okay. She might be one of the pets that take a few days or more of training before you can file her nails. She’s not very good with the manual clippers either.

But she does seem to like the toothbrushing. Tasty!


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