And the Heat Goes On, And the Heat Goes On

“Drums keep pounding rhythms to the brain. La de da de de. La de da de da.”

Yeah, my brain is a bit fried with heat. Even though the temperatures have not been quite as insane the last couple days, it’s still been hot and humid. Add to that the lack of a good breeze — and buggy hell!

It seems as though after so many days of heat, the body succumbs to some kind of rubbery limbed fatigue. But it’s summer and unless you want to spend all your time indoors, you simply have to cope.

Cheryle set up a sprinkler nozzle on a fence post for the horses to cool off with. I don’t know who had more fun — Cheryle watching to see what the horses would do or the horses trying to figure it out.

Luke loved it more than anyone and was kind of a water hog.

I got in a morning ride on Saturday. See how bright it is out there!? Luke felt as tired as I did so it was a brief, low-key ride.

Later on, Steve and I went to nearby Goose Lake Farm and Winery. Minnesota wineries are not like those you find in Califonia or other places where the climate loves grapes.

It used to be that all you could get in Minnesota or Wisconsin were fruity wines made from berries, apples and such. But thanks to global warming, we now can grow grapes to make wine. However, the wine tasting was not of the caliber I experienced when I visited Sonoma Valley.

Besides wine, there are a few animals on the farm. 

The neighbors probably love these peacocks. So noisy!

I wish my chickens  could free range like this.

If my brain was functioning at full capacity, I’m sure I would come up with some philosophical mojo about something mind boggling, but no matter how hard I scrunch up my forehead and tap my heels, I got nada. So I’m turning over the rest of this post to Sonny and Cher…

Written by Maery Rose