Make Like a Maple Seed and Germinate


Life is like meringue – you shouldn’t over beat it. — Maery Rose

I’m a play it safe kind of lady. If I have one change in the works, I certainly don’t want to intentionally bring another change or challenge into the mix. Too much stress all at once. Too many things I’ll have to do all at once. Too much uncertainly, all at once…

But then, sometimes you have to try for more than one thing at a time or you’ll never know what could have been.  Which brings me to my maple seeds, which are EVERYWHERE! The maple tree does not just send out one seed to sprout. Oh no! It hedges its bets and sends out billions!

Germinate:   1.) To come into being    2.) To begin to grow and put out shoots after a period of dormancy

Somewhere, I don’t remember where or even what the article was about, but I read the words

Be bold.

And this phrase keeps popping into my head every time I hesitate or want to think more about “it” or wait until conditions are better or wait until I have more time.



Okay, I get it girls! I’m going to cut this one short.

It’s a bit late to be selecting my motto for 2015.

In fact, I think I already did, but since I can’t remember what it was, I’m going with…

Be bold.

Which also means accepting that…

It’s okay to be afraid.


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