Pacifica Beach Excursion

When I sat down Thursday morning for my first free breakfast at the Shattuck Hotel, my first thought was, “Oh, my goodness! There is a set of mini salt and pepper grinders at my table!” Doesn’t take a whole lot to amaze me.

I ordered a goat cheese and asparagus omelet, which came with potato slices cooked with onion and bell peppers, and wheat artisan toast served with Pure Marion Blackberry Preserves in a mini jar. Too much food, but I did make sure that I ate all the asparagus, which was cooked perfectly. The coffee was just the way I like it too — strong! I was starting off my day as one happy camper.
I was sitting near a table with a guy dressed in a pinstripe shirt, aqua green jeans, and a black sweater draped over his shoulders. Very preppy. The woman with him had on a blouse that matched his jeans. I wondered if they’d planned it that way… They had backpacks by their chairs but it seemed unlikely to me they could be Berkeley students. Perhaps teachers or business people taking a special seminar at the college?  
After breakfast, I went to pick up my son to take a drive to the beach. First we stopped at Arch art supply store in San Francisco.  Very cool place. Lain needed some large sheets of paper (like 7 foot large) to do some drawings on.  The art store was near the California College of Arts that Lain graduated from.

Then we stopped at Whole Foods and bought a sandwich to share. It was made of “real” mozzarella, avocado, tomato, and artichoke on focaccia. We also bought sweet potato chips (my favorite) for our picnic at the beach.

We went to Pacifica Beach as it it is a little more out of the way and doesn’t get so crowded. It was quite the climb down from the road to the beach. And when we left the beach, I discovered the stairs were a  huffing and puffing, leg burning, areobic workout.

Besides the view and sound of the crashing, monster waves, we enjoyed the benefits of a perfect skin warming sun and my new friend, Jonathan Seagull.

And as an added bonus, we had a couple male nudists parading past us. Well, one did have a t-shirt on, but that was it. I’m wondering if this is a legal way of flashing people? But it provided for good humor, although that probably wasn’t the effect they were hoping for.

Lain and I sat and ate our food and discussed how much we need our creative outlets. No matter how busy and hectic things get, the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves is take time to create something each day, no matter how small and trivial. Writing for me is the way I make sense out of the world and the people in it. It’s how I process life events and confusing actions and words.

If I don’t write, I don’t process, and then I don’t find the conclusions or solutions to things that allow me to move past whatever is bothering or confusing me. That’s a bad thing. People should definitely be encouraging me to write, and write a lot! It’s in everyone’s best interests.

Writing also entertains and soothes me. I create stories that help me to see the humor in difficult circumstances. And I can make things up and create happy endings, many of which actually come true.

I love listening to my son talk about his art. I don’t understand everything he says but it’s interesting, and it impresses me how much he knows about history and cultures from his study of art. It was nice to not be in any hurry to get somewhere, but to just enjoy each other’s company and the awesome power of the ocean.

Below is a video I took at Pacifico Beach and the wild waves.

The second video is of our drive away from the beach area.

Next post I’ll tell you about our grocery shopping and barbecuing experience — the last installment of my 2010 western odyssey.

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  1. I just love sittin’ and listening to the power of the waves crash! Your pics are wonderful. I’m so glad your havin’ a great trip.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

  2. What? No pics of the male nudists? I wonder if you were on Black’s Beach or another one of the famous California nudist beaches. lol! That would be funny. They were probably looking at YOU and Lain like you were over dressed! lol!

    That last video almost made me pee my pants! I still needed to visit the porcelain god to purge a little of that motion sickness. Yipes!
    Loved your ‘accent’, too.


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    Purpo is my favorite cowor!!

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