A Flock of Thoughts

My thoughts are like geese, rising up to form a solid V, while one or two stray off honking madly for the others to follow.

Ideas come to me hot and heavy, flamed with enthusiasm and hot air. Like paper, they quickly turn to nothing but ash, blowing aimlessly upward. Over and over I start, race, quit, re-start, limp along, get a blister, need a nap and wake up not remembering who I am or what I was doing.

I sit here wondering how to change the pattern, how to grab onto a spark and turn it into something real. If only I had a solid chunk of oak to feed the fire, so I could sit in the warmth of glowing coals.

I was standing by a cornfield, waiting to see if I could get a good shot of the geese coming and going from one of their favorite hangouts. Suddenly, the thrashing sound of wings and honks startled me and the sky filled with fleeing feathers.

I looked around, wondering if there was something I should flee from also, when I saw the cause of panic — a man walking through the field with two loose dogs, who were quite enjoying the ruckus they had raised.

The same dogs sporadically run through my brain. Their names are Self-doubt and Start-tomorrow. They are bad dogs, in need of intense obedience training.

The solution, I suppose, is discipline, but I hate that word. Stick-to-it-ness is more palatable.  Or perseverance. Yes, that’s it — perseverance.

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Here are a few Brew Babe moments from our weekend walks:

Squirrel sighting
A bit of fall color
A quiet moment

An even quieter (and rare) moment with Shy and Latte

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  1. Maybe you’re trying too hard…as with everything else in life, we need to relax and let it be, or come. I too, have trouble quieting my mind and focusing at tasks at hand. I’m tired of fighting the way I am. I’m trying to learn to just breathe, take the time to look around me and relax. I’ll do what I can, the best that I can, and however I can; and let the rest go.
    Your pictures are just beautiful. The colors look especially vibrant and real…just lovely!!

  2. C-ingspots – Trying too hard is definitely not my problem. If I allowed myself, I would spend each day crawling to work, then back home, then back to bed.

    Thanks for your comments on the photos!

  3. Perseverance is a good part of the equation – no doubt about that. At least you have lovely Vs of geese. I have thought-sparrows, all skittering around and refusing to form any kind of pattern at all!

    My problem actually is less perseverance than focus. I have so many thoughts, to many projects, so many interesting byways to travel that it’s hard for me to pick one and stick with it. But I’m getting better – you will, too!

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