Oh, Windy Day

horse in woods

Ride like the wind!
Not quite
Luke and I
are more of a zephyr
(a gentle wind)
with only brief moments of turbulence

Do you know how many words
there are for wind?
Monsoon, sandstorm, sea breeze,
Dust devil, tail wind, trade wind
Then there are airstreams…
which could be a wind blowing high in the sky
or a travel trailer that I covet

I have been known to get caught in a crosswind
a wind that blows across the direction
in which you are traveling
I would like to experience a mistral
a cold, dry wind from the north
that is common in the south of France
It doesn’t sound pleasant
but it would mean I was in France

“Wind. Women and Wind. Oya, the Yoruba goddess of wind, hurricane and fire. A wind feeling, a feeling caused by the wind, an intuition expressed in the wind. Wind Rendezvous and Wind Stations. Wind perfumes carry their unmistakable scent. The wind is a chaotic system that only the daughters of Chaos can ride. Buy a wind ticket for the West wind. O wild West wind.”
~ from “The Raw Brunettes” a short story by Lorraine Schein

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