New York Closes Its Doors on Disappointed Tourist

Day 2 in New York – Part 1

You’d think that someone going to New York would plan out everything they want to see and check into hours and locations before they go. Not this chick. Trying to plan what to do with how busy I was in April was too overwhelming and crazy making so I decided to just be spontaneous and go with the flow.
Who would have thought that major museums and gardens would be closed on the days Lain and I decided to go visit them? This was New York! The city of tourists! The city that is always open! 
Let’s just call it Maery’s luck that every museum and garden I went to was closed on the day I went to it. Thus this is what we saw of the Brooklyn Museum — the outside.
Don’t get me wrong, the outside was very nice, but…

I wish I knew who this statue is supposed to be. I couldn’t find anything online about her.
Lain and I actually didn’t go to see the museum. We went to see the Brooklyn Botanical garden, which is supposed to be awesomely beautiful this time of year. I wouldn’t know.
All I saw were these flowers —  outside the garden walls.
And if you are into capturing various lines and curves in buildings, these were pretty cool (a better photographer would have done something more stupendous with this I’m sure…)

After this rather disappointing visit, made even more disappointing by how long of a train ride it took for us to get there, we took the train all the way back to Manhattan and went to the Hi Line, which fortunately, they couldn’t close on me. But I’ll show those photos in my next post.
The part of the day that was far from disappointing was once again, the food. We had lunch at Mizu Sushi in Brooklyn. I have never had better Japanese food than what we had there! I had the Tofu Teriyaki Bento Box.  So good!

Back at the Barn

Yesterday, I went out to visit Luke. Okay, I went to ride him, but “visit” sounds so much friendlier.
We’d had quite a bit of rain. Fortunately, I wore my high rubber boots out to the barn because Luke decided he’d go grazing out over the bridge in the far side of the pasture. I almost got my boots sucked off in a couple spots.
Luke is totally into his grass and oblivious to the muttering woman approaching.
The sounds of a carrot snapping got his attention. 
I love the way he adorns his face with strands of hay. He’s a good looking boy, if I do say so myself…

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  1. Yes Luke is a very good looking boy!
    That’s too bad that those places were closed. I bet the botanical garden would have been gorgeous!!

  2. So sorry those places were closed! I hope that you got to go to the Metropolitan and MOMA. Luke looks great! I love his mane…it looks like it is one of those really silky ones. Eco’s is very coarse.

  3. Yes, yes he is for sure. Mr. Luke is a beauty…hay face or not!

    I’m sorry New York seemed to of closed on ya but ya got some mighty great pictures of the outside of things! At least the food was not a disappointment!

    God bless and have a splendid day sweetie! :o)

  4. Oh yes…I know the disappointment. I have been to New York City all of twice in my life and BOTH TIMES a wing or even two of the MOMA were closed. The second time I totally embarrassed myself with the little fit I had with security…but a girl’s gotta let it out : )
    Beautiful photos!

  5. He sure is one handsome boy!
    I hope you had a wonderful ride, too.

    Seems so strange that so many places would be closed in New York City. Di you try to visit on a Monday? lol!


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