Dog Walking

It was a hot and humid one today. 

Java’s kiddy pool is a bit substandard from the previous house’s pool. 

I hope this area alongside the deck will be a good spot for a future pond that is big enough for Java to fit all the way into. It won’t be roomy enough for swimming, but if it can be something she can jump into, run in and out of, and splash in, and that would at least be something.

My poor water dog.

Latte is not so sure about the whole pool concept. She is more of a dirt dog herself. My yard looks like a bunch of land mines have exploded.

Sunday I had to work from 3 PM to midnight to load data for a software upgrade. I was scheduled to work all day today too but instead they decided I just needed to be on call if something went wrong in our Asian and European branches. Nothing must have gone wrong which is good because my usual response when someone shows me a problem on the screen is, “Gee, I’ve never seen that happen before.” Yeah, big help.

So I was able to take the dogs for a walk through the sultry jungle.

Later I came back to the same trail system with my new mountain bike (more about that another time) and practiced controlling the bike through sand, a few slick spots, wheel-width trails and lots of bumps.

Anyway, it’s almost the end of May. Can you believe that?! And I haven’t written a poem all month so I thought I’d fit one quickly in about the things I’ve encountered on my recent walks with the Brew Babes.

Spring in Flashtime
It’s that time
Green as pistachio pudding
And pea pods time
Pearly blossoms 
Wave in greeting
So flutishly fragrant
And short-lived
Spring storms reduce
Color and perfume
To flashtime
Lilacs purple my view
And make me dizzy
Scented memories 
Of previous summers
Through it all
We wander
My girls and I
Serpentine down trailways
U-turning as the Mississippi
Swaggers across our path
Expeditions through neighborhoods
Taking in the flavor local
Or is that loco?
I frequently get “the look”
When I afix the black box
To my face
Liver chunklets help
Appease the beasts
Until we are off again
Ten feet drumming
A steady chitter-chatter
Of unburdening
The older I get
The faster the flash

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  1. I like that same line that Sue pointed out:-) I also like the term, “scented memories.” It expresses a world of emotion in two simple words. It looks like you and the girls had a good walk:-) Kathleen

  2. It’s almost pool time here, hopefully! Still waiting for a day it hits 70 degrees!
    Looks like you all had a great day!! I love days like that!

  3. We haven’t had hot & humid yet… but feel it is just around the corner. We just can’t shake winter! Sunday I had the space heater on yet! Love the pool pics!

  4. Chance has a kiddie pool too..he loves the water! I think they like the water just to cool off. Latte may discover that on a warmer day! She is so cute! How can you resist those eyes:)

  5. So Java and Latte have to join the ranks of all the other “pool-deprived” dogs! We have a kiddy pool too but our dogs go in it only when *extremely* hot.

    New mountain bike? Can’t wait to hear about it.

  6. I love your dogs and your black dog is so cute splashing around in the water! :):) You’ve captured happiness in those shots for sure.

    *found you on shuttersisters

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