Snow and More Snow

The affirmation “I am lovable.” doesn’t mean much if no one loves you. Gotta love Valentine’s Day…

Skijoring Update

Java and I went skijoring on Sunday and there were about five other people with dogs there, which may explain why I fell four times, but only twice on my bad shoulder.

Java and I did the entire course in about half the time that it took us to do half the course previously. We were flying! Well, and falling.

We went zooming down a hill, but at the bottom there was a sharp turn to the right. The ski tracks went right, Java went right, I went straight. Then there was the passing dog. I pulled Java and myself off the trail to let the dog and skier go by. When they were well past us, I started to let Java back out again and step back onto the path. Java took off as soon as she felt the line loosen, pulling me forward onto my knees, as my skis were still mired down in the deep snow.

Speaking of snow, I couldn’t make it to work today because of a snowstorm, which is still going strong. I took this photo out the sliding glass door.

Java looked outside. Some snow had fallen in when I opened the door.

What do people without dogs do to clean up their messes?

I plowed the driveway and am hoping that there isn’t too much more accumulation by morning so I can get out tomorrow. But the snow is supposed to continue until noon on Tuesday.

Java was on the scent of something.
And just plain enjoying the snow.
Must be time for bed now.

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  1. When I taught myself to downhill telemark ski, I’d keep count of how many times I fell on an intermediate run. I remember the look of disbelief when I joked with the lift operator that I’d *only* fallen 36 times on the last run. Then, he’d ask me every time what the number was for that run. Believe it or not, I eventually turned into an expert skier!

    When you fall, just dust off and try again. A good motto for life, heh?

    I’m glad that you and Java are learning skijoring together. What a fun adventure!

  2. I love these photos! You are so lucky to live in a place like this…it’s beautiful.

    And your animals are just so sweet…I can tell.

    Enjoy and be well…

    πŸ˜€ Anna

  3. oh how the dogs love the snow! boscoe was doing the play bow this morning, and chasing riley through the drifts. pretty good for an old codger of nearly 15.

  4. It is snowing again here, too – I think that we will all feel better when Spring arrives, and it is sunny and balmy out, and the days are longer. (That’s still in the plans this year, right??)

  5. KB – The falling doesn’t bother me except every time I’m yelling – not the shoulder! Being pulled by a dog that can go this way or that or stop abruptly puts your skiing skills to the test, but it also makes it challenging and fun.

    Anna – Welcome. I took a look at your blog and I’ll be back. Laughter is exactly what I need.

    Laurie – There is something about snow that gets dogs running, except maybe the little dogs that tend to do their running back into the house.

    Dog Geek – I’m sure the day will come, although last year, it took a long time for the temps to get even remotely summery.

    Roxanne – If you can ski, you can skijor. You really do have control over how fast you go I just was in the mood for a thrill. Snow does test my tractor skills. There’s a lot of bucket manipulation involved and sometimes I get confused and go the wrong way with it but I did Git’r done!

  6. I’m so jealous that you have so many great places to skijor…we have to do backcountry skijoring here, which is beautiful, but having two full speed skijoring guppies attached while trying to NOT run into trees in deep powder is hardly a relaxing adventure πŸ˜‰ I’m so impressed at your commitment to getting out there and having fun despite the blueness you feel some days. Way to go, Maery…tonight I raise a beer in toast to your spirit!

    Big hug your way and one to the critters, too, of course!
    p.s KB’s story of how many times she fell while learning to tele ski made me laugh out loud πŸ™‚

  7. Sue – I could see the backcountry skijoring would be challenging. I haven’t come close to hitting any obstacles on the trail I’ve been using.

    Getting out to do things is at times hard to motivate on but I know I need to keep moving. And that beer sounds awfully good. Now you’ve made me thirsty.

    I could just picture KB talking about only falling 36 times with a big old smile on her face. She hasn’t changed much over the years it appears. You both have wonderful attitudes!

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