Java’s World

Java swim.

Java swimming

Java shake.

Java shaking off water

Java roll.

Java rolling

Java run.

Java running

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  1. She certainly keeps me moving and laughing! I hope Java still feels like she has a good life when she’s stuck in an apartment with me.

  2. Java, I love you! You are too darn cute! I love seeing her swimming!
    It was in the upper 80’s here today, usually Sadie will just jump in her pool, I couldn’t get her to go in it for the life of me! Silly dog!

  3. Great photos. And if you do have to move to an apartment, you’ll take Java to the off-leash park or find an unofficial off-leash area to run in. It’ll work.

  4. I’m hoping I’ll end up somewhere with a fenced in yard, like a townhouse or duplex, or at least a door that goes directly outside. Wherever we end up, like Ari said, it’ll work out somehow. Those apartment pools are tempting though. Kids with stinky diapers go in there. Why not a hairy dog? 🙂

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