An Apology

While walking with Java, I started to think about my last post and felt overwhelmingly awful about it. Here I am complaining about my money worries when so many people have lost their jobs or kept their jobs but taken pay cuts or had to take time off without pay, people without 401Ks or pensions, without health insurance, maybe can’t pay their bills and are afraid of losing their homes. I have nothing to complain about in comparison.

I fortunately have a good job with good benefits and good health to boot. Shame on me for worrying and complaining.
So I just wanted to apologize to you guys, because I know some of you are really struggling. 
It was very inconsiderate of me not to keep that in mind.

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  1. No worries about the whole money thing! So many people are going through so much right now, losing their jobs (I am one, only 3 days left), but I am not going to let it get me down, yet.
    Everyone has their own situation, and we all think about money! That is why I stayed at my job for 18 yrs! Money! But losing my job has made me realize, I want to be happy in what I do everyday, I want to get up and smile, money doesn’t matter anymore! I know not everyone can think that, who knows, a couple months down the road I might think, what was I thinking? But for now, that is all I have, thinking about being happy about a job.
    Your worries about where you are going to live, where your going to keep your horses, where to walk Java, are all valid reasons to be worried! You will work it out, so far I think you are doing a fantastic job of it!

  2. I bet that you actually know what you want in terms of where to live. At least for me, when I examined my priorities, it became glaringly obvious. Maybe it will for you too?

    We all have money worries, at whatever level they may be, so no apology needed.

    One note on that training collar – I’d strongly encourage you to work with a trainer before trying the collar. You can accidentally teach a dog ‘learned helplessness’ – which is essentially a terrified dog who has no idea why she gets ‘struck by lightning’ or how to avoid making it happen. A couple of training sessions could go a long way toward avoiding that. I’ve seen that reaction to shock collars in some dogs that live near me and it’s not pretty (but their owners think it’s normal behavior).

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