Time to Shake the World

“Joy comes from adventure today. Time to shake the world.” 

That bit of wisdom came in a fortune cookie that accompanied my spring roll and chicken-veggie stir fry lunch-special yesterday. Could the adventure perhaps come this weekend instead? Because there were no work adventures or after-work adventures yesterday, unless you count my assisting with a “Walk in the Garden” class put on by Anoka County Master Gardeners.

The gardens are beautiful but an adventure? 

It is called the “Peace Garden” after all. Can peace also be an adventure?

If the fortune would have left out the word ‘today’ it would have been better – more all encompassing. Where is a good fortune cookie editor when you need one?

Unnecessary words that take the power away from the meaning of a thing and confuse the reader and distract them with a word like ‘Today,’ which makes me think “Yes, today I need to go buy groceries” is a sad thing indeed…

Yet, if I re-read the fortune today, it is again referring to THIS day. Perhaps every day is today! 

Yes! Yes! That’s it! Once again, I amaze myself with my brilliance! 
Revelations like this frequently occur when you wake up at 3:30 AM and can’t fall back asleep…

But the thought of adventure and shaking the world every day is a bit overwhelming. I am going to need more coffee to pull that off…

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