New Worlds

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. — Anais Nin

This has been the year of friendship. My friend Sue has been feeling it too.

I have friends to go trail riding with, friends who are writers, friends who are bloggers, friends who are artists, friends who love chocolate, friends who let me rant and rave and wave my arms around in a story telling frenzy, friends who trust me enough to open up and tell me their stories, friends who let me practice my entertaining skills (or lack of them) out on them, friends who share a love for adventure and trying new things — my friends are a mix of this and more, but what they all share is that they are a joy to be around.

They have helped me retrieve pieces of myself that I thought were lost for good and they have helped me discover pieces of myself that I didn’t even know existed.

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I am definitely feeling thankful.

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  1. Life without friends is just too awful to imagine. They make the tough times bearable and the good times sharable. It is such a privilege to count you as a very dear friend indeed Maery. But never forget that you are finding all these wonderful friends because you are a wonderful friend yourself. Kathleen

  2. Maery…it seems to me that you are in a pretty darn good place. It’s good that you have so many friends (in addition to Luke and Java of course). You have such varied and interesting things going on in your life…enjoy. Feeling thankful is a sign of appreciation for all the meaningful things in your life. Have a great Thanksgiving…what are you going to be doing?

  3. Your heart runneth over over my friend. You are truly blessed and your joy is shinnin’ through this post!

    Ya’ll have a most blessed week sweetie!!!

  4. I feel lucky too- to have you as a friend. It can be scary showing someone your underbelly, but that trust that you gain by finding true friends that totally accept you not *in spite of* all your ~stuff~, but maybe even because of it, because it binds us all together in a supportive tribe– is so worth it!

  5. Kathleen – Thanks for the reassurance. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Sue today.

    Lori – I’m going to a gathering of a friend’s family for Thanksgiving. I’ll probably still make a turkey at home too since I like the leftovers.

    Sue – Yes, risky biz. But it’s true that those things we feel we have to hide the most are the very things that allow others to know us and see us as the unique peoples that we are.

  6. Cyber Friends – Social network tools and blogging sure has changed the nature of getting to know people, finding common souls, and building long-distance friendships. As one dear friend prepares to move a couple hours away, it gives me hope that we can remain a part of each others lives. Plus, what’s a couple hours drive? We may still pull off some trail rides together.

  7. Awwww, such a beautiful post. I’m so happy for you, Maery Rose, you special lady. You came a long way and struggled through many challenges to get to this place. You deserve it, sweetie!

    I love the quote so much.

    Thankful for you!

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