Getting Started

My first blog post. I’m feelin’ the pressure. I’ve been brainstorming about these really funny stories to tell, but now, nothin. So I figured if I just got this first post over with, maybe the next ones will pour out of me.

My friend Bev and I got together in January and made treasure maps of the things we want to manifest in our lives. Treasure maps and manifesting seem like such “Law of Attraction” cliches, but maybe it will help me focus on what’s really important to me. I’m so tired of time passing by and every year promising myself that this year will be the year I:

  • Get off my property with my horses and do some real trail riding.
  • Finish writing at least one of the books I started nine years ago. 
  • Get published.
  • Have drawings in my art journal that even in the slightest way resemble something Hannah Hinchman has done.
  • Find an outlet for my music. Not sure what yet – community band, church group, be a street corner musician… 
  • Teach my dog to skijor. This is a totally new aspiration but it looks like so much fun and she needs an outlet for her energy.

I’m getting too old to be putting things off. So here I go.

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