I’m Melting…!

It’s been a steamy weekend, those kind of days when you should just float around on some kind of pool toy. Instead, I rode Luke, the poor guy.

It’s like we’ve had the hazy and crazy but where’s the lazy of those “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer”?

In order to help you cool off a bit (if you’re in the same boat), here’s a little poem I wrote and some photos of some nice cool water…

Mountain Melt Down

Water fills my head
With the sound of wind
Running horses and
Love beads of rain

Liquid flight
A gushing destination
As cold solids
Become liquid mass

Coaxed to life
By sun
Sprung loose
In a gravity pull
A downward dive

Rock and earth
Stand firm
Containing the journey
But they can’t dampen
Bubbling wonder
And sprays of silly string

Water is life
Earth’s blood
My blood
Drumming in my ears

Written by Maery Rose