Finally! A real Minnesota blizzard! I’ve missed these things.

Fortunately, I bought a new toy last weekend, a power shovel, in an attempt to save my shoulders and back.

It may look little, but it works pretty darn slick, like a snowblower but small enough to do stairs and decks.

I can’t take credit for this bit of creativity. I saw a photo of something similar on the news.

Bucky Beaver was thankful to have the snow brushed off his head.

This is one hardy plant.

Java once again was enjoying running with and catching her ball.

Then she took off with one of my mittens, which I had removed to take some photos.

There are drawbacks to all this snow frolicking — toe tweezing.

I love the snow, but not so much the wind.

Although it does make for some interesting window effects.

Well, time to head back out again for round two of snow removal.