Winter Wonderland

Okay, I’m warning you — lots of picture. We got more snow and it produced many photo opportunities.

It didn’t start out so lovely — snow blowing and stair shoveling = not fun.

But it turned out okay. Although, as I sit here with my aching shoulders and back, I’m considering one of those power shovels to do the steps.

Java implored me to go outside and play.

Her red ball was full of snow and this seems to somehow make it irresistible.

I was trying to call Java back inside. She appears to be listening, at least with one of her ears the other ear is ignoring me and it appears to be the dominant one.

When Java finally came in, she had snow paw balls to contend with. My laundry room has become my new mud room.

In the afternoon, I went to the stable and a couple friends were heading outside to ride, so I did a spit and shine grooming and joined them.

Camera shy
Nothing like a white horse in the snow, accented by Christmassy red saddle pad — beautiful.

We took a spin through a winter wonderland.

I need to work on my smile.

There! That’s better!

 And some people wonder how I can stand to live in Minnesota…