It seems too early to post, but it’s already been a fun-filled day.

As expected, icy snow.

I swept up the barn isle and covered the worst of my path to the barn with the dusty mixture.

I used some loose hay to create a path to the water tank, while Luke and Murphy watched me.

Murphy had to get a closer look. You can see he’s still wearing some loose shavings and has a hay mustache going.

There are some interesting icicles developing.

When I got back inside, the first thing I had to do was Netti pot my nose to get the dust out.

I keep hearing a lot of loud noises outside. I’m hoping it’s icicles falling off and not tree branches.

The front steps look a bit treacherous.

And when the temps drop, I’m thinking the riding ring is going to be a skating rink.

I’m hoping to leave the horses out as long as possible but if the rain soaks them, I’ll have to bring them inside. They have shelter, but they aren’t using it, even though the rain is making them itchy. Luke laid down three times to roll.

The photo of Murphy rolling was mainly showing a lot of private parts so I’ll spare you.

Not sure what I’ll be facing tomorrow as the freezing rain is supposed to start in earnest this evening and continue off and on for the next few days. I’m hoping it’s not so bad that I can’t let the horses out. I don’t have enough wood shavings to spread out and give them footing if there’s ice by the water tank, which is on a slope.

Freezing rain is about the worst thing that can happen in the winter when you’ve got horses. It’s not like you can pick them up if they fall.

I so wanted to go skijoring again with Java this weekend but it sounds like it’s not to be. I guess the weather will force me to catch up on some house cleaning and other assorted fun stuff like that.

Or I can create some more videos to torture people with.

My friend Sue included a video of Bjork in her recent post and it got me to thinking about how my son and I used to listen to Bjork, Janis Joplin, Babes in Toyland, Tori Amos and assorted other groups my son liked. We also listened to a few of my favorites like Heart and Pat Benatar (“My Clone Sleeps Alone” was a favorite) and sang and boogied along.

Lest you think these music sessions were 15 minutes of driving here and there, I need to clarify that Lain went to a school outside our district (a whole story unto itself) and I spent a couple hours a day in my car, driving to school, art classes, and other activities.

So in honor of those fun times and because I’ll do anything, including humiliating myself, for a laugh, I’ve prepared this little music video. The artwork in the background is a self portrait my son did by covering a canvas with material and painting it.

My son sings with a group and maybe he’ll be so impressed that he’ll let me sing with them next time I’m in his neck of the woods. OK, maybe not, especially since I forgot a whole verse. Java didn’t seem to be appreciating my wounded bear imitation much either. She did try to throw in some rhythm with her dog tags. Musical talent abounds in this house. I suppose I could have done a retake but what fun would that be?

Last time I spoke to my son he said he missed me. This may very well cure him of that feeling. Hopefully, it will make him smile or laugh… laughing is good… throwing tomatoes is not.