About Me


collage of photos

Being adopted has formulated me in ways that might surprise some people. I am in my late fifties and still struggle with identity. I think this is why I’m so interested in what makes people who they are and want to capture something of what it means to be human.

Having a gay son puts another spin on the topic of identity and seems to draw a crowd of opinions. In August of 2000, the Star Tribune published an editorial I wrote on the topic of sexual identity and how my son was being bullied in school. In response to the editorial, my mother asked me why I would publicly write about such a thing? My response was, “How could I not?”

And that is how much of my writing comes about. I hope that what I write will resonate with someone who is pondering a similar experience or feeling. It’s my wish that by opening the door to conversations about things usually left unspoken, someone reading it might feel less alone.

But not all of my writing is controversial or has an emotional edge to it. I am also an enthusiastic bicyclist, who is determined to ride my bike wherever and whenever I can. I enjoy being outdoors (yes, even during a Minnesota winter) and love taking photos and writing about my horse and two dogs.

Besides my blog posts here and on other websites, I am working on several short stories, essays, and a memoir.

Miscellaneous Stuff:

  • 2004 to Present: I make my living as a Business Process Analyst
  • 1985 to 2004: I used to make my living as a Technical writer
  • 2012-2013: Master Gardener through U of M extension
  • 2011-2014: Contributing blogger/photographer for Vision and Verb, a global online community
  • 2005-2007: Co-leader of Discovery Group whose mission was to provide community-wide education about the need for a safe and secure learning environment for all youth in the schools and community in the Elk River area
    • Panel speaker for conference presentation on community organizing
    • Emceed events and led table discussions
    • Created website for group