The cube
The cube
Not a science fiction entity
But an office reality

Desk after desk
In tick tack toe pattern

And the experts say,
“Open office design
increases teamwork
and sharing”

Now that is science fiction…

A body leans
On my half wall
Peering at my screen
I twitch
“Can I help you?”

Labels ooze
With a whistle and click
Off to my left

Phone conferences
Four loud voices
On the other side 
Of the half wall

A scanner beeps
A catchy rhythm
While keys slap tap
Accompanied by
A bit of
Rapid fire

Office chatter
Questions lobbed
Back and forth
Over cube 

Teeth clenched
I reread the same sentence
For the third time

Glancing out the window
Must focus…

iPOD and earphones
Rescue me
Sheryl Crow sings
“Good is Good”

And I do what I do
On auto-pilot
Toes tapping 

(Enjoy the music and cool graphics!)


White satin
With a dash of orange
And a green wrap
Perfectly set off
Against a backdrop
Of brittle brown
Oh, welcome 
Ye spring