Just walking Luke on a lead line last Saturday started him coughing, and I decided I couldn’t handle the “wait and see” for another week. So my kind and generous friend Cheryle hauled Luke and I to the vet office today.

Luke did not appreciate having a tube stuck through his nose and into his airway, and I didn’t like standing by watching. I was glad Cheryle was there for moral support. It also helped to have a wonderful vet to do the procedure and other wonderful people to help out. They were all kindly reassuring to both Luke and I, and the vet explained everything they were going to do so I was prepared.

They successfully washed a good sample of cells from Luke’s lungs to analyze what is going on in there. I should know something by Saturday or Monday and we can set up a treatment plan from there.

On a lighter note, I made an amazing discovery over the weekend. I’ve been looking for a more reliable method of maintaining a consistent temperature for my yogurt bacteria to multiply and all that yogurty taste to perculate. Just wrapping a pot in a towel has not held the heat steady enough, although each batch that I’ve made has gotten better.

I didn’t want to get another electric appliance so I found a basic yogurt thermos kind of thing called Yogotherm.

I was all ready to order it online when I discovered that the shipping cost was about $18. Then I discovered that the place that was supplying Amazon with the product is actually local.

So Steve and I drove to Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies, which also carries yogurt and cheese making supplies and starter cultures. What we didn’t know is that they also have a whole slug of indoor / hydroponic gardening supplies. It was so exciting! Look at that lettuce!

I had never seen such a thing as these growing systems! Who knew?! And now, I want one BAD! They even had some huge tomato plants in the largest grow room.

They aren’t cheap, but someday… This would be so cool!

I know… the strangest things excite me.

Oh, and by the way, the last batch of yogurt was the best yet! Just wait until I figure out how to make Kefir.