This weekend did not go according to plan. Some very wet snow, followed by a dive in temperatures brought out the wimp in me, I’m embarrassed to report. Instead of being outdoors, I went into cooking and nesting mode.

Saturday, I needed to use up my remaining bread dough so I made three more baguettes, only I went with one pound loaves instead of half of a pound.

Then I had some tomatoes that needed to be used up so those went into a scrambled eggs mixture with cumin, onions, oregano (my oregano plant needed pruning) and red peppers.

Then, just because, I made flourless monster cookies with oatmeal, M & M’s, butterscotch and dark chocolate chips and raisins (and the usual sugars and butter). The oatmeal and dark chocolate mean that I can call them “healthy”. Dang it! I was going to throw some wheat germ in too!

Good thing I’ve started doing the elliptical every morning again to burn off the extra calories.

And, yawn, I cleaned house and did laundry.

So my photography field trip and coffee shop visit plans had to be taken down a notch. I stayed pretty close to home and visited Avant Garden coffee shop, home of the Anoka Mocha. I have never tasted coffee quite this sinful. Holy moly! I better not make this a habit.

We got our first snow, which was a pathetic inch or so, but durn pretty.

It looked very sparkly in the spotlights, highlighting the new Falls Cafe that just opened in the area. There’s not much to choose from as far as restaurants close by so I can’t wait it to try out this place.

Calling my photography jaunt a “field trip” is a bit of a stretch since it consisted of a walk to our usual river haunt.

Java: “Nope! I wasn’t eating grass. Uh uh!”
Latte: “You are so busted.”

So yeah, that’s all I have for you. A river. Talking dogs. And I’ll throw in some icicles for good measure.

I have gotten in several more hours of torturous writing. I’m just trying to mindlessly carry on and be extra kind to myself to deal with the feelings rising up. Maybe I DO need another Anoka Mocha…

I figure if I can push through feeling like shit for awhile, I will toughen up, realize emotions can’t kill you (even if they suck) and this will become easier.

I will get into the story and the joy of writing again will take over.
At least that’s the theory.
Stop laughing!