A Puppy Present

Thanks so much to Roxanne at Champion of My Heart for sending the Kong Squeaker (durable teething formula no less) for Latte to seek out and attempt to destroy. The toy looked pretty big for the little one but Latte loves it.

Unfortunately, so does Java. She looks pretty darn dejected having to settle for her old Chicky squeak toy.

Besides chewing on the Kong and getting it to squeak occasionally, Latte also likes to bat the toy and chase it across the floor. Maybe she’s part kitten?

For those who were wondering, the neighbors stolen car was found in an apartment parking lot behind K-Mart, a few blocks from my house.

I stopped into that K-Mart just a few days ago looking for a plant watering can. A car in the parking lot had “Honk if you’re horny” painted onto the windows, along with a few stick figures doing stuff that stick figures just shouldn’t do. Well that just kind of says it all, doesn’t it? And I didn’t even find a dang watering can.

I needed said watering can with dispersed little sprinkling holes for my latest project. I have plans to put some tomato plants and peppers into the pots I used last year on my front steps, plus some flowers in my pots that go around the house. And there are BIG dreams of having raised garden beds in my back yard to put in the plants that require more room like beans, zuccini, cucumbers, etc.

Some of these plants need to either be bought at a nursery or I need to plant seeds now to give them a head start. In an attempt to do things myself and save some money, I have some shelves and lights now to get some seedlings started.

This is all new to me so we’ll see how it goes.

I also got totally engrossed with the idea of being a vermiculturist (someone who composts with worms). I have the start on collecting worm food.

And the bins and newspaper.

And 1000 red worms are ordered and coming through the mail. I know, I know, I know. What is wrong with me?

But I love this stuff! I so wanted to be a biologist or ecologist or something scientific and researchy but was discouraged in pursuing my interests as I’ve never appeared to be very smart. But I am absolutely fascinated by how miraculously our world works and maybe I’ll prove all those naysayers wrong in my small scale way.

I think the worms and seeing garbage turn into rich compost will be very cool. Lord, I’m weird. But isn’t that what people love about me? Watch this video and you may decide to be a worm farmer too.