“Nothing prevents happiness like the memory of happiness.”  
~ André Gide,L’immoraliste

Today was another action packed day. Well, maybe not so much action, but busy anyway.

I was out of bread this morning so I baked a loaf and did a load of laundry. Then went to church for two hours. There’s a women’s bible study before the service but it’s mainly a time to catch up on everyone’s life with about 10 minutes spent on the lesson.

When I got home from church, I got in my outdoor clothes, loaded my ski and skijoring gear and went to the park again where the Skijor club was putting on another class. I think because the session didn’t start until 1:00 PM, when it was 13 above, more people showed up with their dogs.

The instructor brought a 7 month old German shorthair pointer, greyhound mix, imported from Norway, specially bred for skijoring, from a line of international champions and worth $8000. The dog had an interesting way of moving that I can imagine will be very fast once he gets it down.

The rest of us were a hodge podge of breeds. There were lines attached to posts to work on doing the “line out”.

And tires and other devices to get the dogs used to pulling something.

We spent more time on passing by each other, which Java still stinks at. After the seminar, Java and I took a walk on the ski trail, which is an archery range during the non-winter months. I didn’t ski with Java because the trails were so icy. A young, experienced skijorer wiped out yesterday and landed on her forehead and had her face dragged across the icy paths. Not good. However, she still showed up again today with her dogs.

The trail at this park is not especially scenic but it’s nice and wide and mainly dog people are on it so I think I’ll come back with Java after we’ve worked on a few things at home. I was going to take photos of Java doing a “line out’ in the hallway in the house, but she was pretty confused so we’ll have to work on it more before I’ll be hands-free enough to take a photo.

I also rigged up Java’s leash to I can give her something to pull against but also have more control to steer her and pull her head up when she stops to sniff at something. We’ll get this eventually.

There was another beautiful sunset tonight. 

And another load of laundry, dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes…fueled by…

I am so tired out, but it’s a good tired.