Generally, to get around in the dark I lug this thing around. The photo does not even begin to get across the hugeness of this flashlight. 

It’s a bummer because in order to actually do something, like drag the hose out and fill the tank, I have to keep putting the flashlight down and picking it back up again. And if I have more than just the flashlight to carry, like when I go get wood, it’s a big juggling act.

Some of my friends have suggested I get a headlamp so I can ski with Java in the evening after work, since I whine a lot about never getting to do anything because of the big, bad darkness. 

So I went to Cabela’s and bought a headlamp. I was disappointed that they didn’t have anything even remotely stylish. If you are going to wear a light strapped to your head, it should at least have a snappy-colored band and say something like “Bad Ass” on it. But no, I ended up with a muddy green, army fatigue looking thing that appears to be a billboard for Cabela’s. I wonder if I could dye the strap and write on it with permanent marker…

But it does have a very bright setting, along with a lower setting and can be switched to flash if you really want to annoy people. It has served me well so far for doing morning and evening chores hands-free and will work well for skiing around the house too.

I was surprised when the horses ran away from me when I was setting their pans of feed outside. They were snorting and looking at me like I was some sort of monster or something. They wouldn’t let me near them. Silly horses…