Just for a Laugh

It’s been a busy weekend. The weather has been too nice to spend very much time inside. I even took a swim in the pool! The water was 77 degrees, and I got a cramp in my foot as soon as I broke the surface, but it was still wonderful.

I was hoping Sue would have photos on her blog by now of Saturday’s Floatilla party but she also must be enjoying the great outdoors. Several people went floating down the river in kayak, canoe, and other contraptions. I didn’t have any floatable so I just went to the after-party.

The floaters had wonderful costumes that they wore. Next year, the theme may be zombie brides. I will definitely be all over that one!

There was a lot of wonderful food and a bonfire. Ghost stories were told as bats flew over us. Then somehow we progressed onto stories of pet woodchucks and a debate on how much wood can a woodchuck chuck. We progressed onto other animal stories. At one point, there was a great imitation of a guinea hen, and a discussion of how the hens’ feathers kind of look like the streamers you might have put on your handlebars when you were a kid (I think that’s the vulturine version of the guinea), which then progressed to wouldn’t it be great idea to tie a guinea hen onto your bike and use it to warn people of your approach rather than a bell or horn. I think there were quantities of wine involved with this train of thought.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs and laughter is such good medicine.

With that in mind, I thought I’d post this video of me taken last summer, when I took up golf to spend more time with H. I really did have fun golfing. I loved the social aspect of being out with friends, being outside, and hitting something as hard as I can. Golf courses really are beautiful (if I can shut off the voice screaming inside my head about all the awful chemicals they use and how they are using up all the water).

But back to the video. I was working on my golf swing and trying to slow it down to be more accurate. I truly believe this golf swing might have led to H’s initial thoughts about divorce…

Written by Maery Rose