It’s time to clip Java’s nails. I truly hate this part of dog ownership. I could take Java to a groomer but nail clipping is something I think I should be able to do myself. I just don’t want to nick a vein and hurt her and make it even harder to clip her nails ever again. 


These are my grooming weapons – brush for her hair, nail clippers, septic powder in case I do nick a vein, nail file to smooth edges, toothbrush and toothpaste, and my most recent tool – PediPaws™, the incredible pet nail trimmer! My hope is that PediPaws will eliminate the need for the nail clippers, septic powder, and nail file. 


The instructions do say that “Most pets will have to be acclimated to PediPaws and some pets will take longer to be comfortable.” This is Java’s face when I turned on the PediPaws. 


Okay. She might be one of the pets that take a few days or more of training before you can file her nails. She’s not very good with the manual clippers either.

But she does seem to like the toothbrushing. Tasty!


I feel as though I should introduce my animal crew. The newest member of the family is Java, a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever mix. I got her from Pleading Paws Pet Rescue (PPPR) last September. She was about four months old then. PPPR picked her up from a dog pound that was going to put Java down if the rescue group didn’t take her. Thank goodness they rescued Java in time! She helped to put a smile back on my face after my dear Willow dog died. 

I am so thankful for organizations like PPPR and all the people out there that foster and adopt rescued animals. They do such great work. 

Then there’s Shy, a barn cat that came with the place my husband and I bought. I named her Shy because it took many months before I could get near her. The front paw she’s holding up in the photo has buckshot in the elbow joint that’s probably been there since she was fairly young. The bone healed and fused in an awkward bent position, but she still can move pretty fast. The leg seems to hurt at times, especially in the winter. Which is why she winters inside the house now.

Lastly, there’s Luke and Murphy. Luke’s in the forward right of the photo. I bought him as a 3-year-old. He had rain rot and was skin and bones. But he’s nine now and doing fine. He’s supposed to be a Tennessee Walker but I think he has more quarter horse in him than anything.

Murphy (in the left rear) is a Missouri Fox Trotter who I believe successfully bullied his previous owner into never riding him. Murphy tries to intimidate people but if you don’t let him, he can be a nice horse to ride. Very smooth.

So that’s the crew. I’ll be telling you more about them as we go along.

There’s a lot of meltage going on
And it’s not a good thing
Cuz a freeze is a cominnn tonight.

I could be a songwriter. Or not…

I about broke my neck trying to walk to the barn in the dark this morning. There’s some snow, some grass, a lot of ice, and puddles resting on top of all of it. Tonight it’s supposed to drop down to 25 degrees and stay in the 20s for at least a week.

I worry about the horses slip slidin away. So I put down a hay and dirt mixture by the water tank to help them out some. Unfortunately, I can’t cover the whole paddock.

And you know why we’re having this early thaw when just a couple weeks ago we had all this lovely, fluffy snow? It’s because I bought snowshoes a couple weeks ago. Java and I had a blast the two times we did manage to get out and snowshoe. Well, I snowshoed. Java just ran around.

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