Halloween Part III

My last group of photos from the Anoka Halloween parade are of the horses and dogs that were in the parade. I will definitely be on the lookout for things to use for Java’s and Latte’s costumes next year. Right now, I can envision Java as a Wookie and Latte as Yoda.

(Kind of looks like a larger version of Java)
 (Okay, not a REAL dog, but cute)
 (The local Greyhound Rescue group made an appearance)

 (I’m just guessing, but I don’t think he was very happy with his costume…)
 (Wait! That’s not a dog!)
 (This dog was on a non-parade mission)

These guys weren’t in costume but they were working pretty hard, as was the guy cleaning up after them.

 (I really don’t think he brought a big enough muck bucket for a three hour parade…)
These horses and riders were costumed up (in case you didn’t notice).

Now, for a change of scenery — this is how my house looked Halloween night. Too bad you can’t hear the spooky sound effects. I’m hoping to beef up the look next year. Trying to get into the groove with my new home location…

Latte did very well on her first Halloween. She barked a little but she didn’t run down the stairs to the door, which I was very grateful for.

These two are the grand finale in my never ending parade…

(the taunt)
(And the face off)
Written by Maery Rose